David Schafer, Ambassador

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Innoventure Partners

When describing David Schafer, perhaps his son said it best, “My dad makes friends for a living.”

Schafer boasts a core strength in forming and maintaining solid relationships with his customers. Passionate about sales, David Schafer has helped turn bankrupt companies into billion dollar producers with his creativity and persistence. He has many success stories marrying good products and companies, but he is most proud of the relationships he has forged as a result. Schafer is a motivator, a relationship-builder and a man of character - when asked his biggest accomplishment over the years, without hesitation he said it was the success of the 23 people he mentored during a pivotal time in his career.

Prior to co-founding Innoventure Partners, Schafer has held a variety of sales roles with global organizations such as D Mobile, Geos Communications, Lantronix, and Valence Semiconductor. In addition, while VP of Western Digital Corporation, he landed a contract with IBM, putting the company on the map and grew sales from $300 Million to $2 Billion in a few short years.

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