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Who can deny struggling with sorrow & suffering? FEAR?

Why grieve the loss of loved ones? Why fear death?

One truth that no one denies is that we're all going to die.

Why do some people fear public speaking more than death? Humiliation and shame is more terrifying than death’s UNCERTAINTY. Without uncertainty FAITH cannot exist. But faith in what and whom?

A baby in fear cries out to its mother in the belief that it will be comforted. Who do you cry out to?

Men paralyzed by fear's grip become depressed because they're powerless to control fear. When depression, a symptom of fear, fails to resolve discomfort, hurting people turn to anger. Psychologists say that anger can be managed, and yet anger is cumulative like underground pressure that builds until a volcano erupts. We’ve learned that “Anger Resolution” (i.e. forgiveness) is the only answer.

Often times we come into contact with controlling people because this is an outcome of depression’s anger. The “Circle-of-Fear” is a relentless cycle because fear escalates when controlling people realize that they are out of control: 1) Fear 2) Depression 3) Anger 4) Control.

An ancient manuscript Jewish people call the Tora historically records what they believe was the first murder here on planet earth. The first man, Cain, born to a woman, Eve, murdered his brother Able. Right before that tragedy this scripture records a conversation between Cain and his creator as follows: “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast (i.e. depression)? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?” Herein lies the crux of suicide. People fear rejection more than death, and thus for some suicide trumps death’s uncertainty!

As a former rock and ice climber who has ascended rock and ice faces without a rope, free solo, I am an expert in conquering fear. Recently a psychologist paid me to help him conquer fear. Fear is what pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists, and psychologists are unable to resolve. Fear of rejection and persecution is what drives suicide. So what’s the answer to fear?

Mark Henderson