Have you ever been here? I know, I have...

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Would you say that you believe in yourself? We always read about the need to have confidence in ourselves. Then as we're trying to fit into society's standard, we begin chasing the boys, the career, and the success.

I watched a YouTube video about a guy who lost everything after an unseen family issue came about. He had to sell everything to pay His parents house off. He wanted to do this because they put him through school; he graduated from one of the most prestigious schools, Yale.

He believed that by having this degree, and coupling it with a 'blow you out of the water' resume, he would secure a job.

However, sometimes, we are hit with the unexpected. Maybe your boyfriend broke up with you, maybe your best friend is now your enemy, maybe you didn't get that job or into the college that you wanted.

Have you ever been here? I know, I have...

But, listen! It is in this very moment where we realize our trust shouldn't be placed upon mere things or people, instead we need a foundation to stand upon, not one that will crumble if life seems to hand you lemons. However a foundation that says, "if life hands me lemons, I can make lemonade."

Lastly, what does your foundation say about you? Is it crumbling at the seams or has it given you a strength to endure and overcome?

Sasha Frank

Mark Henderson