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Tracy discovered her fashion voice; she’s living the dream! Tracy N Collection is daring, new, fun, sexy, revealing, sophisticated, and the perfect fashion adventure for a special type of woman whose siren spirit sings what others dare not to whisper.

Ask yourself, “How does one teach heart? Talent?”

Ineffable. What words articulate raw pure talent? This may be discovered by chance, intense training, or simply received as a rare gift. Indeed, Tracy’s extraordinary talent is her birthright because her DESTINY has been nurtured from childhood where she grew up surrounded by South East Asia’s art and culture.

You see Tracy’s mother owned a textile factory where Tracy was immersed with fabrics created from exotic textures, patterns and colors. She took it all in with mind, body, and spirit. Tracy dreamed of floating on luxurious waves of soft beautiful fabrics. Her father, an artist in his own right, explored random possibilities where fine lines transcend into mysterious shapes. His daughter observed and thus matured in their passion.

 “We’ve always been craftsmen. Being artists is who we are, more than what we’ve done.” says Tracy of her family and friends.

Tracy’s talents revealed themselves early on. She would make clothes for high school friends while mixing radical cuts with influences that brought together colors, crystals, ribbons, and surprises that dazzle. Onlookers were stripped of their inhibition. They had never seen or worn anything like Tracy’s designs! They draped their lovely figures in a whole new way most flattering. Special attention was given to create strong shoulders enhanced by long sloping backs.

 In 2008, Tracy joined generations of family members and crafted her first collection. Her dreams became more than mere success, her reality achieved significance.

Be — “Savee”