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Mark Henderson , Founder  “For Something Good”

Mark Henderson, Founder “For Something Good”


Mark Henderson is a retired Certified Public Accountant, (i.e. CPA/Bean Counter). Henderson is an accomplished Rock & Ice Climber. During the early 1990’s Henderson served as Vice President of Finance for “Destination Properties” which managed “The Waterfront Hilton Beach Resort” in Huntington Beach. During the late 1980’s Henderson served as Orange County Division Controller for “Trammel Crow” at the time the second largest real estate development company in America. Henderson began his career with “Ernst & Young” one of the “Big 4” CPA Firms in America. Currently Henderson serves humanity full time endeavoring to make volunteerism cool while promoting authentic “Not-For-Profits” that are decidedly making a difference where difference matters most!

Mike Hansu Kim , Collaborator  “For Something Good”

Mike Hansu Kim, Collaborator “For Something Good”


My name is Mike Hansu Kim. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and I came to USA when I was 12 years old. It was very difficult the first 5 years in America, trying to learn a new language and getting adjusted to a new culture; however it was not as difficult as 3 years before I accepted God. I ran into all kinds of troubles including financial, personal and legal. I felt cursed and hopeless during those 3 years. This all changed when I prayed to God for his guidance and accepted God as my savior. A month later, I got baptized on Easter Sunday as part of 2015 Rock Harbor Easter Celebration in Costa Mesa, CA. Fast forward to now, I am a happy devoted Christian with a great job and a loving fiancé . God is here with us!

Olya Mosendz , Collaborator  “For Something Good”

Olya Mosendz, Collaborator “For Something Good”



Olya Mosendz

Scott MacDonald,  Collaborator " “For Something Good”

Scott MacDonald, Collaborator "“For Something Good”



Scott MacDonald has earned an impressive reputation as one of Southern California’s most respected real estate professionals. For more than 10 years he built a thriving real estate practice that ranked among the top one-percent nationally and reached the Top 10 of a 3,000-agent firm in Southern California.

After an extremely successful sales career, Scott focused his talents on developing agents, offices and regions for local, national and international brands. Most recently, he honed the Newport Beach operations of a large corporate company into a Top 5 office nationally out of more than 1,200 offices. Internationally acclaimed real estate and business coach, Tom Ferry, commented, “Scott MacDonald is a very effective senior leader in the real estate business today.”

Scott’s Christian world view is the driving force behind his passion, enthusiasm and sense of responsibility to truly serve those within his company as well as its clients who are buying and selling real estate. As he puts it, “It’s an honor and privilege to help people with the biggest financial decision many of our clients ever make in the sale or purchase of a home. I feel a sacred responsibility to bring great value to them in this process.”

All of his success has culminated in Scott choosing to partner with John McMonigle, one of the real estate industry’s most successful and respected agents. “Teaming with John McMonigle to build a company based on purpose-driven values is a dream come true for me,” Scott commented. “Clients deserve to work with a company that truly cares about their best interests—a company that has a proven ability to perform at the highest level on behalf of each and every client. We look forward to providing a real estate experience for our clients that is second to none.”

“Treat other people exactly as you would like to be treated by them -- this is the essence of all true religion” --From the first public sermon of Jesus

Sasha Frank , Collaborator  “For Something Good”

Sasha Frank, Collaborator “For Something Good”


I am Sasha Frank and I am on a mission to experience all that God has for me to be a “voice to the voiceless”. What started out as a dream is now a vision and is slowly manifesting into reality. Join me on my journey as courageously go after the vision that God has placed on my heart. Expressing myself through music, personal style, and writing; I want to use all that treasure that God has placed inside of me. I want to use my voice to make a difference.

David Schaffer , Collaborator  “For Something Good”

David Schaffer, Collaborator “For Something Good”



Co-Founder and Managing Director of Innoventure Partners

When describing David Schafer, perhaps his son said it best, “My dad makes friends for a living.”

Schafer boasts a core strength in forming and maintaining solid relationships with his customers. Passionate about sales, David Schafer has helped turn bankrupt companies into billion dollar producers with his creativity and persistence. He has many success stories marrying good products and companies, but he is most proud of the relationships he has forged as a result. Schafer is a motivator, a relationship-builder and a man of character - when asked his biggest accomplishment over the years, without hesitation he said it was the success of the 23 people he mentored during a pivotal time in his career.

Prior to co-founding Innoventure Partners, Schafer has held a variety of sales roles with global organizations such as D Mobile, Geos Communications, Lantronix, and Valence Semiconductor. In addition, while VP of Western Digital Corporation, he landed a contract with IBM, putting the company on the map and grew sales from $300 Million to $2 Billion in a few short years.