By Mark Henderson

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How do you cope with Heart break? When have your dreams shattered like white lightning piercing a dark night’s sky? The inability to see solutions when conquering FEAR at times causes desperately hurting people to embrace suicide.

"Have you ever woken up one day to realize that you are not living the dream that you had as a young chld, you know — your calling? You’ve done everything expected of you — from a societal point of view — only to realize how empty and unhappy you feel!” — Sasha Frank

According to Very Well Health the top 10 causes of death for Americans ages 15 to 24 are as follows:

1) Accidents


3) Homicide

4) Drugs and Alcohol

5) Cancer

6) Heart Disease

7) Congenital Conditions

8) Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease

9) Stroke

10) Flu and Pneumonia