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Mia Isabella Bayuga,  Colaborator

Mia Isabella Bayuga, Colaborator

Are you indifferent?

We were too — in the past.

You are wondering what this website is all about. Yes?

We promote not-for-profits that tug on heart strings!

We wake up refreshed remembering dreams of re-building planet earth’s global community on a ROCK solid foundation.




we are a small yet mighty team of


TEXT MESSAGE:   Mia Isabelle Bayuga to Mark Henderson March 11, 2019

TEXT MESSAGE: Mia Isabelle Bayuga to Mark Henderson March 11, 2019

This website began on September 24, 2018 and is spiritually and figuratively ALIVE as we respond with enhancements emanating from viewer’s Comments.

We pivot off our first blog story entitled “Spirits Homecoming”.

It’s essential to reflect & meditate on this documentary’s revelation. Everyday Korean people, rather than investors, made this movie become a reality.

Be mindful that all nations and religions are plagued by bad people, and yet they are blessed by “good-people” at the same time.


Isn’t it essential to learn from history? What prevents history from repeating itself?


Victim: “We are as good as dead. This is hell.”

a documentary that highlights the making of this movie. The movie tells the true story of sexual slavery by the Japanese military.


what keeps you up late at night


SUICIDE2nd leading cause of death (10 to 24 yrs. old)

SEX-TRAFFIING> 45.8 M enslaved, and over 1/2 the victims are women and girls

Likely you’ve known relationships or experiences that created patterns in your soul, deep wells in some places — protective moats in others.

Are you feeling like things can’t keep going on as they are? Overwhelmed? Maybe you can’t pinpoint it. Something isn’t right.


If you are imperfect like us, then you’ll feel ACCEPTED here.

“There’s nothing wrong with comparing ourselves to others — it’s human nature, and yet when we dismiss and disparage the accomplishments of others; or worse, wish misfortune upon others to get ahead , we stifle our own growth.” — Dr. Dagny Zhul, Ophthalmologist

We are ALL imperfect! We’re a “work-in-process”.

So let’s do this thing called life. Agree to live in the present!

Be grateful and content!

what kind of root system do you have

REDWOOD GROVE:  who anchors you when facing life’s headwinds

REDWOOD GROVE: who anchors you when facing life’s headwinds

You’d think that it’s essential for a 500 ton 350 foot tall redwood tree to have an incredibly deep root system in order to stand. In California’s Sequoia Redwood Forest a unique root system is the hidden secret to why they actually thrive.

Redwood’s root systems are shallow. They reach a depth of only five to six feet while they have no anchoring tap root.

Redwood’s root systems extend up to 100 feet horizontally from the trunk! Thus Redwoods thrive in groves because their roots interlock. Tremendous strength is achieved to confront the forces of nature like high winds and raging floods.

Madison Mister, Manager “Catmosphere Laguna” — 381 Forest Avenue, Suite 100A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949)619-6369

Madison Mister, Manager “Catmosphere Laguna” — 381 Forest Avenue, Suite 100A, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949)619-6369

Shared weakness. Mutual vulnerability and transparency openly acknowledged is the space that nurtures connectedness.

1st mandate: Treat all people with Dignity, Respect, and Self-Worth.

2nd mandate: Enter all conversations with an open mind.

Looking for the puurrrrfect companion?!



Affirming shared weakness creates a rooted connectedness.

We all grow in different directions through our individual strengths, and yet our roots remain firmly planted in the same soil.


“There are two primary choices in life:

1) To accept circumstances as they are

2) to ACCEPT responsibility for changing circumstances