Thrive. To stand strong, you’d think it’s essential for a 500 ton 350 foot tall redwood tree to have an incredibly deep root system. The mystery is revealed by California’s Sequoia Redwood Forest’s unique root system. It allows these giants to thrive in groves, and yet they are unlikely to survive while apart isolated and alone.

Redwood’s root systems are shallow. They reach a depth of only five to six feet while they have no anchoring tap root. Having said that, Redwood’s root systems extend up to 100 feet horizontally from the trunk so they are thriving in groves with roots interlocked. Thus tremendous strength is achieved to confront the forces of nature like high head winds and raging floods.

How are you facing headwinds that spin your hopes & dreams?

PARABLE: A desperate man falls into a sink hole. Frantic attempts to climb out fail so he’s forced to surrender to circumstance! A sojourner, hearing his cries, peers down and then walks away. That man either lacks empathy and compassion, or doesn’t know what to do. A second sojourner walks away as well. When a third sojourner hears the cry, he lunges down and lands right beside the desperate man who then exclaims: “What were you thinking? Now we’re both stuck!” The sojourner calmly replies, “Been here before. Follow me. I know the way out.”