Melody graduated from the prestigious Clive Davis School of Recorded Music--New York University where she was mentored by Lauren Davis and taught by Benny Blanco, Stargate, and Questlove. During her sophomore year she signed to Imagem Music Publishing (2012-2015). Upon her graduation she signed with Primary Wave Management.



Melody has worked with Tommy Parker (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson), Dave Aude (Selena Gomez, Grammy- winning), The Monarch (Dr. Dre, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Grammy-winning), Autumn Rowe (Stargate, Fifth Harmony, Karmin, Leona Lewis, and Cher Lloyd), Shaggy, Fernando Garibay, David Kahn, Joe Mardin, Andrew Cedar, Shep Soloman, Jayson Dezuzio, Anthony Bell, Georgia Ku (Martin Garrix, Skrillex), The Agency, Rob Persaud and DJ Freedo. Her expertise with melodies, lyrics and conceptual ideas makes her a versatile collaborator.