For Something Good’s Mandates:



1) Be ever mindful to treat all people with dignity, respect, and self-worth.

2) Embrace every conversation open hearted & open minded. Sadly some prejudge others.

3) Wholeheartedly know that all people are equal. Unfortunately some think they’re more-equal than others.


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Determination turns obstacles into extraordinary achievements. Today, MIP's most valuable powerhouse @MiaBayuga competed with grace and strength in the Keystone State Kettleball Sport Regionals in Pennsylvania! Your courageous spirit and dedication to your calling is what makes you a woman that countless others aspire to be!


“Mark, you take incredible portraits. Looking around the website and really enjoying the joy expressed. As for ‘what I would say’, sometimes it’s less about what we say and more about what we do — connecting with people and just doing life with them is already enough.

You, Mark, are doing exactly that, you’re the checkpoint to continue to run their race. The water station. The cheering section.

Let’s applaud you today, for being brave :)

Have a wonderful day!” — Mia Isabel Bayuga