Meeting Pat DiNizio of “The Smithereens”…

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Back in 2002 we got a call at our record label, Slackboy. I (Marnie) picked up the phone, and the voice on the other end was deep, nasal and jovial:
“Is this Slackgirl?”

I laughed, and he said, “This is Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. I’m a host on this new satellite radio service called XM, and we’ve chosen one of your songs, ‘You’re Electric’ to be the launch song for our ‘Unsigned/Indie Artist station.’” In my astonishment I started pacing the office and could feel my face blushing. I remember hearing the Smithereens on KROQ back in High School!  Pat invited Paul and I to come to New York to be interviewed and play live on XM. We were super excited and immediately booked our flight.

Isn't it amazing how music connects us?!!

Pat was such a warm, caring person, and getting to see New York for the first time with him as our tour guide was even more magical.  We went to guitar shops, ate in Little Italy, hung at his flat in Greenwich Village, and met his eccentric elderly neighbor (who left crazy artwork in the hallway and thought someone was always spying on her). It was a dream come true for us, from hearing him play some demos he was working on to just getting to talk about music, about God. Pat had the connection. He was the first person to ever mention “House Shows.” Pat was ahead of the game and started the “Living Room Tour” scene in 2001. It was such a shock when we heard the news last December (2017) that he passed away due to some health issues. He’s rocking in heaven, no doubt, with that rich voice he was given:)

We're forever grateful for our time with Pat, his encouragement to us and his inspiration for us to start playing House Shows.

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Here's one of our faves from The Smithereens

---> GIRL LKE YOU <---

Thanks for the lovin and connects...

Mark Henderson