created to be a hero

“One who gives himself away, helping those who can’t help themselves, expecting nothing in return”

1) A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

2) The chief male character in a book, play, or film, who is typically identified with good qualities, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize


Know that it’s NEVER about us.

Have you ever dreamed of gaining the level of respect attributed to authentic heroes? Respect is earned. Agreed?

Heroes posses character attributes like integrity and humility.

We’ve all been offered an opportunity to give back in our own neighborhoods. What if we broaden our definition of the word neighbor?

7DayHero offers amazing opportunities for [your name here] to feel like your life truly matters. What if you became a difference maker when and where there’s a crisis of epic proportions each and every day?

As sojourners here on planet earth, our endeavor centers on “life-change”.

You too can feel the love that endures on and on as someone’s hero.

Having traveled to 40 plus countries, I’ve experienced first hand what it means to change an indigenous person’s life, whether poor or needy, for the better.


We often times travel to Vietnam. This year especially, we’re taking American war veterans back to where they once fought for their very lives. Emotional healing begins HERE and these vets get to come full circle. With a compassionate and empathetic heart, former soldiers are giving “a-hand-up” to their former enemies and allies.

We invite you to carefully consider our cause and maybe you’ll come along on an adventure of a lifetime too. We work through indigenous locals or NGO so our investment of your talents and resources provide the greatest return, love.

Won’t you join us?

Jerry Huson, PhD., Executive Director



Dr. Jerry Huson is the Founder and Executive Director of 7DayHero. Traveling in over 40 countries and seeing how great the needs are in other countries, Jerry started doing humanitarian work helping people who could not help themselves. From Russia to Papua New Guinea, to Peru and Haiti, Jerry has been witness to changing people's lives by helping them meet their basic human needs.

Jerry received his PhD in Intercultural Studies from Biola University. Through his education, Jerry studied different cultures, world religions and intercultural education. He is well prepared to make a difference around the world.

Dr. Huson is a former college president, missions pastor, and university head baseball coach.

Jerry saw the needs around the world and how meeting those needs changed his own life. As a result, Jerry started taking people with him meeting those basic human needs during earthquakes and famines. Those who traveled with Jerry saw the world differently when they returned.


7DayHero has traveled to Mexico, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. In January 2015, 7DayHero will have provided over 1,000 rural Vietnamese people with the gift of sight. Working with victims of leprosy, orphans, and providing medical clinics, 7DayHero has quite a history in four short years. 13 trips to Vietnam, 4 to Haiti, 2 to Ethiopia, 1 to Jordan and the West Bank in the Middle East, and 4 trips to Mexico.

The future looks great. 7DayHero has relationships and partners in countries where our humanitarian group is most effective and sustainable.