and so let the epic adventure begin

Izabella “Izzy” Gutierrez with Family

Izabella “Izzy” Gutierrez with Family


It begins with you.

We have a question:

Who are you? How would you respond to that?

Another question:

How are you?

Some people might reply, “I can’t complain. No one listens!”

Your story matters, we are listening.

Feeling empty inside? Our friendships fill to overflowing.

Love is not what we do. Love is WHO-WE-ARE!


Suicide across America is the 2nd leading cause of death ages 10 to 24! "Suicide rates are rising among young girls, study finds: ‘We’re seeing a trend …’ For years, more boys than girls have taken their own lives — but that divide is narrowing ... because the number of girls doing so is rising … Suicide is still a leading cause of death among teenagers … Suicide rates fell during the 1990s, but started to climb in 2007 … Rates increased among both boys and girls, but more so for girls.” — By Erika Edwards

THRIVE. You’d think that it’s essential for a 500 ton 350 foot tall redwood tree to have an incredibly deep root system in order to stand. The hidden answer in California’s Sequoia Redwood Forest is a unique root system that allows these giants to thrive in groves, and yet they are unlikely to survive while standing apart isolated and alone.

Redwood’s root systems are shallow. They reach a depth of only five to six feet while they have no anchoring tap root. Having said that, Redwood’s root systems extend up to 100 feet horizontally from the trunk so they are thriving in groves with roots interlocked. Thus tremendous strength is achieved to confront the forces of nature like high head winds and raging floods.

Individual soccer players are like a single tree, and yet together they BECOME like a forest. Soccer is a team sport! Indeed, Gutierrez and her teammates fight for victory as a body of one. Who strengthens you?