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Dr. Thanh Uyen Le

Dr. Thanh Uyen Le

Your story matters to Dr. Le! She’s intently listening not only to what you say, but to what’s left unsaid. Dr. Le has practiced Integrative Family Medicine in California since 1997. Previously based in Los Gatos, northern California, she recently relocated to Huntington Beach.

“I am a healer. My highest aim is to come alongside you so that together we can achieve wellbeing for you and your loved ones.” — Dr. Le

Daniela Esquivel,  Argentina

Daniela Esquivel, Argentina

Surf City Holistic Medicine offers at no cost a complete skin evaluation. Are you aware that your skin is the largest organ of your body?

Skin reveals what is manifesting within you. What’s happening on the outside often times highlights what’s happening really deeply from the inside. Know that all of our diagnosis, diseases, and imbalances are actually coming from our lifestyles, our relationships, our nutrition, and the choices we make each and every day.

So for this reason Dr. Le integrated traditional Western Family Medicine with ancient Eastern Healing Modalities. While being well founded in Western Medicine, you’re provided care that addresses health needs essential to your whole self.

Grounded allopathic training is combined with extensive experience in allied health therapies. Rather than merely treating a specific ailment or symptoms, your entire well-being is assessed.

We heal the whole body: mental, emotional, and physical, for sustained optimal wellness.

For the first 10 years of her practice, in addition to family medicine, she practiced routine obstetrical care; delivering prenatal care and vaginal deliveries.  She's very comfortable counseling couples about fertility, doing pediatric examinations, gynecological evaluations, and adult medicine, including hypertension, diabetes care, thyroid disorders, and more.  She loves taking care of the whole family.

Dr. Le spends her personal time with her family, running on the beach, practicing yoga, reading, and meditating.


Lola Jontiff, Yoga Instructor