We mentally associate the word calm as a specific, releasing feeling, a place of serenity, and an experience of tranquility; inviting awareness…

Ansel Adams   , Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake Denali National Park, Alaska 1947

Ansel Adams, Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake
Denali National Park, Alaska 1947

We lift up our eyes to the mountains; from where shall our help come? We’ve waited with bated breath while patiently enduring sorrow and suffering at times to experience inner peace… we know empathy… we wholeheartedly embrace compassion… selflessness… generosity…

Recently we closed our eyes and fell in love (yes, quite literally) with calm… together we invite you to come along as sojourners here on planet earth… we seek ways of being ever present in the moment… we focus our breathing, we relax, and yes we find rest for our soul and spirit… a deeper rest... we embrace calm like a breath of alpine air refreshing us to our inner being… we lie down in a mountain’s higher meadow… a still calm brook with cool water passes us by in a floral pasture where we embrace wholeheartedly wildflowers that surround… we breathe in clarity as we exhale all that constrains our passions… it’s the majestic that provides our collective opportunity to be still… be ineffable… be speechless…


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